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The idea of a Male Spa is new to Trinidad and Tobago. Men generally believe that  the Spa experience is tailored to the needs of women. In fact, recent research states that men are generally uncomfortable with the idea of Spa indulgence. at klbs we provide a space where men can feel comfortable whilst getting a complete grooming experience.  


Receiving a haircut and shave is a regular phenomenon in Trinidad and Tobago. However, we can prove that the method at which men have been performing this weekly ritual is actually very harmful to skin fitness and hair growth. In Trinidad and Tobago, the norm is to shave and complete haircut with the spraying of alcohol on the skin. We have found that this method drys the skin, hardens the skin and leads to razor bumps and ingrown hair problems. At Kings Lounge Barber Spa we prevent against these hindrances to male skin and hair care perfection through our customized method of shaving and the products used. 

King’s Lounge offers men an indulgent grooming experience in a luxurious environment. The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave can be experienced through our:
1) Shaving products; 
2) Classic Shave;
3) Royal Shave & in our
4) Premium Cut services.

We use Burke Avenue moisturizing shaving cream, Burke Avenue 3 in 1 face balm, Modern Man beard oil, Modern man scalp oil, Beard kits

Pedicures, Manicures and Massages

Men are often fearful of Pedicures, Manicures and Massages. Here are five reasons why we recommend pedicures and manicures as an integral part to male grooming:

1) To get a well-groomed look:
Women are attracted to men that take pride in how they look. Without being overdone, but rather trimmed, clean, and buffed nails are a great attribute of any guy.

2) Healthy hands and feet: 
During the manicure and pedicure experience, the hands and feet are exfoliated to remove any dead skin build up that has potential to cause problems in the future. Also, we pay close attention to ingrown toenails and hangnails to ensure that the client leaves with healthy hands and feet.

3) It is relaxing: 
Getting a manicure and pedicure allows one to step out of the hectic day in the office or the construction site and enjoy a little piece of heaven on earth. You get to relax while soaking your feet in a warm, foot spa, and enjoy a stress relieving leg, foot, hand, or arm massage.

4) A softer touch: 
Men are always on their feet, working outside, and using their hands. This causes rough hands and feet and the build up of calluses. We are able to work away at those calluses and give men a slightly sweeter touch. 

5) You can put the MAN, in MANicure: 
There is a common misconception that a manicure and pedicure must include polish and elaborate treatments. However most men don’t know that we specialize in manicures for men. We leave the polish and the elaborate decorations for the women! We understand that men have different needs than women. Clean, trimmed, and buffed is the look men achieve with these services.

Male grooming does not end with pedicures and manicures, but massages also lend to a healthier lifestyle. According to Anoka Massage and Pain Therapy (2017) besides therapeutic reasons, regular massages add health benefits to men. Some of those benefits are:

1) Improvement of athletic performance.
Massages are a necessity for men who play physical sports. A massage eases the onset of muscle soreness, and speeds healing by boosting the body’s circulatory and immune system. 

2) Massages beats the blues and improves mental outlook. 
The serotonin boost created during a massage helps reduce depression and anxiety in men.

3) Massages alleviates physical symptoms of stress. 
Headaches and high blood pressure from stress can affect men as they age. 

4) Massages can ease neck pain and alleviate headaches.
Stay out of the doctor’s office and avoid prescription drugs. A massage is proven to loosen tense muscles and ease neck pain in men without side effects.

5)Massages relieves tension.
Men often suffer from extreme muscle tension, caused by sitting at a desk all day or repetitive injury. The tension relieving effects of massages are nearly instantaneous.

6) Massage combats pain from weekend warrior projects.
Massages delivers nutrients and fresh blood supply to sore muscles. Massages helps men to ease the pain from home improvement projects and yard work.

7) Massages helps prevent injuries. 
Men are typically less flexible than women, which can make them more prone to injury and muscle pain. Massages increases flexibility in men and prevents injuries.

8) Massages helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.
Insomnia is associated with a lack of the hormone called serotonin, the “feel good hormone,” which is released in the body after a massage. The sense of relaxation and well-being you feel after a massage helps men fall asleep and spend more time in deep sleep.

9) Massages are good for heart health. 
Massage relaxes the body, boosts circulation and lowers levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. All these things help reduce stress on the heart and improve cardiovascular health in men.

10) Massages reduce your risk of high blood pressure. 
According to Men’s Health magazine, men’s risk of high blood pressure typically starts to climb around age 45, although younger men can also experience high blood pressure based on a number of genetic and environmental factors. High blood pressure is associated with a number of other health risks, including hypertension, heart failure, and kidney failure. Massages have been shown to reduce high blood pressure by reducing stress (one of the risk factors) and improving circulation.

11) Massages relieves back pain.
25% of all men will experience lower back pain in any given three month period. Painful trigger points—which are common in the back—are created by old injuries and can be relieved with specific massage techniques. 

12) Massages helps fight disease.
Studies have shown that massages targeting lymph nodes helps white blood cell circulation, helps to move the body’s natural filtering fluid through the body and cleans the’ junk’ out of your system and boosting your natural immunity.

13) Massages helps you recover from workouts faster.
Researchers have found that a massage helps reverse discomfort related to exercise. A massage dampens the activity of proteins known as inflammatory cytokines, which cause inflammation and pain. It also increased levels of proteins that signal the muscles to produce more mitochondria, the cell structures that produce energy and help muscles recover from activity. 

14) Massage helps your work performance.
Massages improves your concentration. Poor concentration can be caused by a number of causes, some of which include: anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, chronic fatigue, and stress. A massage helps to alleviate symptoms of many of these ailments, thus, massages improves your ability to concentrate and improves your work performance.

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