The art of grooming starts here!

Relax, Renew, Restore!


King’s Lounge offers men an indulgent grooming experience in a luxurious environment.


Relax your back, neck muscles and head after a long, hard day of work and rejuvenate your body once more.


From Laser Hair removal to Scalp micropigmentation and more.


The idea of a male Spa is new to Trinidad and Tobago. Men generally believe that the Spa experience is tailored to the needs of women. In fact, recent research found that men are generally uncomfortable with the idea of Spa indulgence. At KLBS we provide a space where men can feel comfortable while getting a complete grooming experience.

Don’t be scared though, at KLBS, we believe in family and community, so we welcome our Princes and Queens with open arms into our space.

Why choose us

We guarantee that holistic health and well-being is of paramount importance at Kings Lounge Barber Spa.

Our knowledgeable and attentive service is specifically customized to the customers’ unique skin type and needs. The art of grooming starts here, so we encourage clients to relax, renew and restore!


Enjoy a smooth, close, comfortable and irritation free shaving experience with our Moisturizing shave cream and long lasting skin hydration and healing in our quick absorbing 3 In 1 Face Balm.
Burke Avenue facial line
Duft Shampoo dye is a natural HAIR DYE SHAMPOO containing active ingredients like vitamin E rich Argan Oil to lock in moisture and prevent drying. It reverses hair greying with a black fresh look full of lustre while replenishing weak strands.
Duft hair products