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Burke Avenue facial line – enjoy a smooth, close, comfortable and irritation
free shaving experience with our Moisturizing shave cream and long lasting
skin hydration and healing in our quick absorbing 3 In 1 Face Balm.

3 in 1 Face balm 4 oz

Our essential oil enriched moisturizer delivers long lasting skin
hydration and health-giving benefits all in a lightweight quick-
absorbing formula. Feel the results in less than a week of use.


Moisturizing shaving cream 5oz 

Voted Best Skin Cream by Men’s health magazine!
Formulated for all razors and skin types. This is the only shave cream
packed with 4x’s more skin healing oils and butters to deliver
increased moisture protection, real-time healing and more balanced
skin-tone. Safe for all skin types and sensitivities.


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Duft Shampoo dye is a natural HAIR DYE SHAMPOO – containing
active ingredients like vitamin E rich Argan Oil to lock in moisture
and prevent drying. It reverses hair greying with a black fresh look
full of lustre while replenishing weak strands. Unlike other hair dyes
this natural shampoo dye is ammonia free, sulphate free, and paraben
free with no harsh chemicals, while it also colours, cleanses, and
conditions your hair with hassle free application.

Duft Coconut Shampoo Dye 500ml


This product provides pliable, low-to-medium hold while giving you the
ability to shape and reshape for the perfect look. This formula-scented with
the Coconut or strawberry dries down to a low-shine finish which gives you
the natural, textured looking style

Duft strawberry and coconut hair wax 3.53 oz